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Instructions for final check-out – Housing Huelva

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Dear guests,
if you are reading these words, it means thant the ending of your stay in Huelva is coming…, what a pity 🙁
We wish you’ve enjoyed your stay in one of our flats and got a possitive experience in Huelva 🙂
And will suggest our city as Erasmus destination for your friends and university classmates,
and, if they’d need help, we will be glad to help them to find accommodation in here 🙂

Let us inform you now about our simple check-out process.

Here you will find all you need to know about checking-out out of your apartment.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (info@housinghuelva.com)

Check-out is at 13:00h or before. If you have requested a late check-out and we have agreed to accommodate you, you will be required to pay the full cost of one night’s rental.

– Before checking-out, we kindly ask all guests to return the apartment to the same state of cleanliness as found upon arrival, with the exception of dirtiness caused by normal and acceptable use of the accommodation. Should the guest require it, Housing Huelva may provide additional cleaning services at an extra cost (depending on the number of working hours needed). Please contact us for more information about this.

– Please, check the following instructions about how to check-out of the apartment and where to leave your keys:


Instructions for final check-out

(Reminder, the room/apartment should be in as good, or better, condition as it was the day you entered– ready for someone else to move into immediately!)

  • The check-out meeting will be held at Housing Huelva office the day of your official ending of the rental contract. Bear in mind that our working hours in February 2020 are from Monday to Friday from 10:00h until 14:00h and from 17:30h until 20:30h. In that meeting we will all sign up the ending of the rental contract and the return the keys from your side.
  • If you have rented the flat with joint contract, then it’s enough if the last of you is doing the check-out, as long as he/she brings us all the keys back.
  • In order to receive your deposit back, we’d need you (and all your flat mates, in case) send us your bank details to transfer you the security deposit once discounted the proportional part of the last bills of supplies (water, electricity, etc.), replacement of furniture, possible repairs and/or cleaning (if necessary).
  • If any of you have noticed any damages in the flat, please, communicate it to us or to the owner with enough time in advance to check responsibilities and ask to technicians to do the repairs, to ensure proper and equitable damage assessment.
  • Wipe off all surfaces with damp cloth (drawers, dressers, desks, shelves, windowsill, and window frame) and Vacuum (or brush and wash) floors thoroughly and wipe up stains or spills (remember closets and areas under beds and behind desks and sofas)
  • Remove adhesives and all posters, decals, tape, gummed labels, etc. from all surfaces (walls, doors, mirrors, and windows) and clean off black marks, finger marks, etc.
  • Empty wastebaskets and remove all trash to dumpster. Wash inside of wastebaskets.
  • Return all furnishings that may have been removed from room/flat.
  • Bed frames must be put together correctly, all the mattresses have to be clean (no stains) and with the covers placed.
  • Return electric applies like refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven, microwave, toaster, etc cleaned and the kitchen stoves and utensils (plates, cutlery, pans, pots, etc.)
  • Remove all personal belongings from room. Anything left behind in your room will be considered garbage and will be disposed of by the owner or the cleaning service. You will be charged for that labor.
  • In general, if any replacement of furniture, utensils, cleaning or repair is required, you will be charged You’ll need to leave your room/apartment cleaned, well maintained and all your belongings removed.

NOTE: You must officially check-out at Housing Huelva. Failure to do so results in a €100,00 charge for unreturned room/apartment keys, because the owner will have to change the lock of the main door.


We wish you everything will go smooth with the ending of your contacts.
Thanks for your collaboration.
Feel free to ask any further information by email to info@housinghuelva.com

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