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Arrival and leaving times

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Check-in; Late Check-in; NO SHOW & Check-out

At Housing Huelva we offer a free of charge Check-in service (in the apartments)
for our registered customers during our working days and hours:
From Monday to Friday from 10:00am until 2:00pm and from 5:30pm until 8:30pm*.
*NOTE: In cases of maintenance works in any apartment, Housing Huelva reserves the right to postpone the Check-in until 4 pm.

To make your moving more comfortable we also offer a Late check-in service (until 11:pm and during weekends)
that can be arranged by email ( or by phone (+34653433822)
as the guests book this in advance and arrange all the necessary details (kind of transport used and arrival time, etc.),
so we could confirm a meeting in the apartment at the most convenient time for each part.
The price of this service is 50,00€ (VAT included)

The latest check-in time is 11:00 pm, after which we may cancell the booking of the apartment for “NO SHOW”
and give it to someone else if the reservation has not been prepaid for or the guests does not phone in (+34653433822)
to indicate their expected time of arrival. 11:00pm is our deadline for checking in because the reception desk must close for the night.

For the most cost-effective usage of the apartments occupancy, guests should try to arrive within our working hours (check-in)
and leave or hand over the keys the last day of the rental contract before 1:00pm (check-out).
More information about check-out here:

However, we understand that doing so may not always be practical because, for example, a guest’s flight arrival and departure times
or bus trips may not align with a the apartment’s check-in and check-out times,
but we are open to hear your requests, we just need a good communication both ways.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions.
Have a nice stay in Huelva! 

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