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Self-protection tips in case of storm or strong winds.

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Hey guys, as you’ve seen, it’s raining hard in Huelva and it’s too windy. Please, make sure that you are safe, that’s the most important.

Don’t wait for a storm to come, take these steps to protect yoursellf and your home from severe weather


– Always take all kinds of precautions so that the accident or catastrophe does not occur.

– If the catastrophe occurs, always keep calm. Think and then act. Do not run or scream, panic usually causes more victims than the sinister itself.

– In case of any emergency, call to 112 EMERGENCIAS

– Do not spread rumors or exaggerated reports about the dangers or damages.

– Use your phone only for urgent calls or to inform the Authorities.

– Follow the instructions issued by the competent authority at all times.

– Collaborate, to the extent of its possibilities, with the Extinction Services and Official Organizations that intervene in the incident.

– There are no fixed rules that can eliminate all the dangers, but the damages can be reduced if these rules are followed.



– A torrential rain can quickly produce large flood in your balcony, terrace, atrium, etc. So please, make sure that all the drains are clean, so they won’t get clogged.

– On the other hand, the release of electrical charges accumulated in the clouds can be especially dangerous if you have metallic objects outside (balcony, terrace, etc.), move away from metal structures, fences and poles or power lines to avoid attracting electric shocks.

– Do not carry metal objects when there is a thunderstorm.

– At home, keep the doors, windows and shutters closed, and unplug electrical appliances from the network. Disconnect the antenna sockets from the TVs.

– If you notice the presence of fallen power lines, do not touch them.

– Strong winds with gusts exceeding 80 km / h produce accidents that advise the adoption of precautionary measures, especially in the street, so wait at home until the storm will pass away.

– In the street you must be very careful with falling cornices, antennas, advertising panels, scaffolding and in general with all temporary facilities. Do not protect yourself from the wind in areas close to walls, walls or trees. Walk on the road, as long as the road traffic allows it.

– In the homes have the balconies and windows tightly closed, remove the pots and other objects to avoid breakage and fall to the street. Prevent an alternative lighting system before the possible.


We don’t know what to tell you more, just take care of yourself. Stay at home a few days and soon we will be going to our beloved beaches of Huelva 🙂 

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