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Welcome to Huelva! #DestinoHuelva

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Welcome to Huelva!
Congratulations if you have received a grant at University of Huelva and, good luck if you are planning to start your own business here!
This blog, based on the experience of former and current interns, collaborators, international students and members of our staff, provides some tips on how to get settled in Huelva, Spain. The content of this blog is a charming mix of the useful, the interesting and the humorous. Topics include housing tips, academic information, business help, work opportunities, internships, free time suggestions, nightlife and shopping, but there are also sections with news about Spain, Andalusia and Huelva.

Leaving your familiar home environment for a foreign one will challenge you in ways that you cannot fully anticipate. Expect to find difficulties in trying to adjust to new places and faces. Sometimes called “culture shock”, dealing with the challenges of being in a new culture can be stressful. But it helps to know that it is likely to occur at some point and that you, like most people, will get through it. People who anticipate that difficulties will occur are the ones who will not be surprised by them, and these are the same people who are likely to manage difficult situations successfully.
First words of advice: Remember that you are in a foreign country, that you wanted to be here, and that it is a grand adventure to be in a foreign country. Spanish people, we have our own way of acting regarding personal relationships, bureaucracy , etc. Although you may run into problems or get frustrated from time to time, remember that you are in Spain to learn the language (and culture) and study or work; try to profit from every opportunity to do just that. And remember that you are an ambassador not only of your country, but also of your universities or companies; make it a point to “caer bien” with everyone you meet. But most importantly: HAVE FUN!!! 🙂

Remember that for everything you need during your stay, at Housing Huelva we can help you!

Our office is located at Campus “El Carmen” – University of Huelva

Marie Curie Building, 1st Floor, door B

We will be glad of attending you! 🙂

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