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Brotherhood of Los Estudiantes – Easter Tuesday – Semana Santa de Huelva 2016

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Today, Easter Tuesday, is the big day for the Brotherhood of “Estudiantes”. In the Parish Church of San Sebastian, the “Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre” (Christ of the Blood) and “Nuestra Señora del Valle” (Our Lady of the Valley) and all the brothers they are ready for a new Easter Tuesday. The procession starts at 17:50h and it’s planned to end up at 01:30h. We recommend that you all go see the procession at any point of your itinerary, especially in the official route, which runs through downtown streets of the city.

On this day marked by new terrorist attacks in Brussels, the brotherhood of Students expressed their condolences and encourage to say a prayer for all the victims and their familares. The Christ of the Blood and Our Lady of the Valley welcome them under Her mantle and console their families.

Solidaridad con las victimas del terrorismo

Solidaridad con las victimas del terrorismo

Hopefully the good weather today will accompany all the brotherhoods and we all enjoy a great day with family and friends. Happy Easter to all of you!

Name of the Brotherhood

Muy Ilustre y Universitaria Hermandad de Penitencia y Cofradía de Nazarenos del Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre, Nuestra Señora del Valle, San Sebastián Mártir y Santa Ángela de la Cruz

(Los Estudiantes)


Easter Tuesday

Los Estudiantes 2016

Cartel Universitario – Semana Santa 2016



Parish Church of Saint Sebastian

Parroquia de San Sebastián

Parroquia de San Sebastián

Its origins lie in 1945 in which a group of students from “Villa San Carlos”, are as previously called the Politechnic Studies of “Madre de Dios”, current Safa Funcadia showed concern for founding a brotherhood. The enthusiasm and experience of these young people encouraged its director, the Jesuit Priest Antonio Garmendia de Otaolaurruchi to continue the project. So in 1949 the statutes were approved.

The Brotherhood of “Los Estudiantes” has a close connection with the University of Huelva, it has some insignias dedicated to the “Onubense”. Moreover, in the crown of the Virgin, it is a small book that represents students who founded the brotherhood.

Sacred images 

Santisimo Cristo de la Sangre

Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre

Nuestra Senora del Valle

Nuestra Señora del Valle












Tunic / Robe

The tunic is on black color, the eye mask of the same fabric and color. The robe is tied by a belt of esparto grass on its color and black espadrilles.


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