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Huelva, City of Andalusia

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Why did you choose Huelva to go on Erasmus?

Picture by: Denise Carulli

Picture by: Denise Carulli



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There are so many countries to go, a lot of places to visit.., but why do you think that the real one good option to go on Erasmus is Andalusia, or even Huelva?

Well, we will tell you a lot of useful and good to know information about the life in the South of Spain.

First of all, an important thing is the language of the country, the weather, the character of its people, etc. In fact, Huelva is a multicultural city with a long tradition of welcoming international students. Currently, some 500 foreign students are studying in Huelva, making for a vibrant, international study environment.

Picture by: International students – University of Huelva, Spain (Facebook)

The friendly and outgoing character of the Andalusian is famous in the whole world! Indeed, locals have some peculiar cultural traits, but they are friendly and helpful. As a student in Huelva, you will have ample opportunities to make new friends. A good part of your social life will revolve around your classmates, roomies, etc. whith whom you can do a lot of trips in grateful places of Huelva.

Picture by Antonia Martin Ortega

Picture by Antonia Martín Ortega

The province of Huelva has also an incredible wide range of Natural parks, as example: National Park Doñana, which one of Andalucia’s most visited parks, renowned for its Wildlife. Huelva is located at 15 km from the beach. The most are accessible by bus.

Picture by:

Picture by: Hanna Tuuling

Picture by: Hanna Tuuling

Picture by: Eva Dajcman

Picture by: Eva Dajcman














The magnific weather of Andalusia is very popular as well. Huelva is an ideal destination, with 300 days of sun per year, average temperatures soft and virtually no rainfall throughout the year, and a complete tourist offer. If you want to enjoy yourself with the typical and famous Spanish weather, this is your Place! Sunny days almost the year, warm in winter and Hot in Summer. During the Summer Semester, highest average temperatures in February are around 21ºC and when you will finish your Erasmus semester in July, it will be between 30ºC and 40ºC.

Picture by: Anita Nemesmejat

Picture by: Anita Nemesmejat













We hope you’ll enjoy your time in our beloved Huelva 🙂

Study and have fun! There is time for everything!



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