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Huelva Nightlife

Huelva Nightlife is increasingly Internationally known for its brilliant entertainment. Its youthful mystique adds to a friendly atmosphere, creating a high positive energy level to enjoy the best parties ever. Thus becoming the Spanish capital of fun.

If you come to Huelva, its exciting nightlife is something you must not miss out, it’s not a big city but there are many places where to spend a great night. Local people just love to party hard and make merry.

The main entertainment points of Huelva are located in “La Merced” Area, which is the most animated zone of the city. There you can find a great number of pubs, Cafes and dance clubs, where the commercial house is the predominant musical rhythm. Most bars in Huelva open from 22:30 until 04:00 and then clubs are open until 08:00, so be prepared to shake your body!

A nice place to start the night is Saxo Bar, a relaxed bar adjacent to La Merced Faculty, were live music is played often. An excellent place located in Plaza de La Merced.

Then, to warm up the engine come to Mombasa Bar, a well known bar in Huelva and abroad for their various and select parties. It operates between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. Erasmus parties there are crazy and memorable nights, that’s definitely the most famous bar for all the international community.

Other good choice it would be Lancelota place for starting to dance! (La Merced)

If you are looking for a place to stay all night long, Real Lion is definitely your place! Professionally Staff, good ambient and experience  entertaining people.

From Real Lion you can get exclusive access to Sala Ego (The club), open until 08:00. Come over to spend a great night in the best party atmosphere! The international community in Huelva is particularly welcome, so parties here are always magical. Strongly recommended!

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have fun!

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