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Cost of Living

Though most students live on a tight budget, there are ways of making your money go further. You can use your student card (TUO) for discounts in many shops and on-campus restaurants are good value. You can also cook your own food; most student accommodations have some form of kitchen facility open to residents.

In most restaurants and bars, a beer will cost you €1,5, a glass of wine perhaps a little more. Dinner starts at around €8, drinks not included. Eating out at lunchtime is cheaper, try the typical “tapas” and taste different dishes; expect to pay somewhere around €6 for a meal including a soft drink. An average monthly budget is set out below to give you some idea of the cost of living in Huelva.

Food: €200. Accommodation: €210. Local travel: €30. Telephone/internet: €30. Clothing, hobby/leisure, other: €200.
Total: €670 

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