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Welcome to Huelva, Welcome Home!

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Bienvenidos todos a Huelva!
Esperamos que estéis disfrutado de vuestros primeros días aquí y os deseamos una increíble Erasmus en Huelva!
Como la mayoría de vosotros ya habéis llegado, 
nos gustaría también daros las gracias por vuestra confianza en Housing Huelva.
Que tengáis un gran tiempo en Huelva y sentíos libres de contactar con nosotros si necesitáis ayuda. Saludos!!! 

Welcome to Huelva to everybody!
We hope that all of you enjoyed your first days here and we wish you an amazing Erasmus in Huelva!
As most of you arrived now, we would also like to thank all of you for your trust in Housing Huelva.
Have a great time and always feel free to contact us if you need any help. Greetings 

Benvenuti a Huelva tutti voi!
Speriamo che abbiate goduto tutti dei primi giorni qui e vi auguriamo una incredibile Erasmus a Huelva!
Come molti di voi siete venuti adesso, vorremmo anche ringraziarvi per la vostra fiducia a Huelva Housing.
Vi auguriamo un bel’ tempo a Huelva e non esitate a contattarci se avete bisogno di aiuto. Saluti 

Todos bem-vindos a Huelva!
Esperamos que tenham gostado todos dos seus primeiros dias em Huelva e vos desejamos um incrível Erasmus na Espanha!
Como a maioria de vocês vieram agora, nós também queríamos agradecer-lhes por sua confiança em Huelva Housing.
Que vocês tenham un grande momento em Huelva e, não hesitem em contactar-nos se vocsê precisarem de ajuda. Cumprimentos 

Herzlich Willkommen in Huelva!
Wir hoffen ihr habt eure ersten Tage in Huelva genossen und wünschen euch eine unvergessliche Zeit in Spanien!
Da die meisten von euch mittlerweile angekommen sind möchten wir uns bei euch allen fur euer Vertrauen in Housing Huelva bedanken!
Wir wünschen euch eine tolle Zeit und wenn ihr Hilfe braucht konnt ihr euch immer an uns wenden! Viele Grüße

HomeStay – Living with families in Huelva

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Living in a family home is an enriching experience that allows cultural and emotional exchanges.  
Living with a family is the best way to learn the language, culture and live a different experience in Spain.
We are fortunate to be located in a region (Andalusia) where Spanish people are truly welcoming: such is their culture.
The South of Spain – and especially Huelva is a welcoming city 🙂
You will not be disappointed. You will make new friends…
Our host families are selected with care (visits, training and regular follow-up).
People are open-minded and willing to communicate.
They are friendly and heartily welcoming.
They are of varied profiles (with or without child, all ages and categories…).
They are used to welcoming the international students.
You will participate in their family life.
Discover the way of life, the customs of Spanish people.
Understand cultural differences better.
Improve your Spanish.
The rooms can be rented for short stays (minimum 6 months up to 12 months) and no payroll or endorsement is necessary.
You only have to certify your status as a student (erasmus are welcomed), professor or researcher at the University of Huelva
or  in any school in the province of Huelva.
Housing Huelva offers you rooms in families, fully equipped.
All the rooms we offer are fully furnished and equipped, and comply with the corresponding safety and hygiene guarantees
and some families are offering also meals (full board), laundry and ironing, cleaning, etc. (please, ask conditions).
If you have any special needs, tell us and we will do our best to take it into account for the family allowance.
Housing Huelva is responsible for managing the rental contract for the room you choose and,
as our mediation services are free of charge for students, the only costs are:
The payment of the first monthly rent (that will be requested in advance by bank transfer or in cash at our office)
– The deposit required by the owner of the apartment: one monthly payment (to be refunded at the end of the tenancy)
Feel free to email us (info@housinghuelva.com) for more information about renting a room with a family.
On the other hand, Housing Huelva also offers you other services such:
Renting a room in a shared flat with other students (minimum 5 months up to 10 months)*
Renting an entire apartment (minimum 5 months up to 10 months)*
   * For shorter stays the options are very limited
Just left to remind you that you are more than welcome to visit us at our office in
Campus El Carmen (University of Huelva),
Marie Curie Building, 1st Floor, Door #4
Stay tunned to our social media channels and get our last offers!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huelvahousing/
Looking forward to hear from you!
best whishes!

Self-protection tips in case of storm or strong winds.

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Hey guys, as you’ve seen, it’s raining hard in Huelva and it’s too windy. Please, make sure that you are safe, that’s the most important.

Don’t wait for a storm to come, take these steps to protect yoursellf and your home from severe weather


– Always take all kinds of precautions so that the accident or catastrophe does not occur.

– If the catastrophe occurs, always keep calm. Think and then act. Do not run or scream, panic usually causes more victims than the sinister itself.

– In case of any emergency, call to 112 EMERGENCIAS

– Do not spread rumors or exaggerated reports about the dangers or damages.

– Use your phone only for urgent calls or to inform the Authorities.

– Follow the instructions issued by the competent authority at all times.

– Collaborate, to the extent of its possibilities, with the Extinction Services and Official Organizations that intervene in the incident.

– There are no fixed rules that can eliminate all the dangers, but the damages can be reduced if these rules are followed.



– A torrential rain can quickly produce large flood in your balcony, terrace, atrium, etc. So please, make sure that all the drains are clean, so they won’t get clogged.

– On the other hand, the release of electrical charges accumulated in the clouds can be especially dangerous if you have metallic objects outside (balcony, terrace, etc.), move away from metal structures, fences and poles or power lines to avoid attracting electric shocks.

– Do not carry metal objects when there is a thunderstorm.

– At home, keep the doors, windows and shutters closed, and unplug electrical appliances from the network. Disconnect the antenna sockets from the TVs.

– If you notice the presence of fallen power lines, do not touch them.

– Strong winds with gusts exceeding 80 km / h produce accidents that advise the adoption of precautionary measures, especially in the street, so wait at home until the storm will pass away.

– In the street you must be very careful with falling cornices, antennas, advertising panels, scaffolding and in general with all temporary facilities. Do not protect yourself from the wind in areas close to walls, walls or trees. Walk on the road, as long as the road traffic allows it.

– In the homes have the balconies and windows tightly closed, remove the pots and other objects to avoid breakage and fall to the street. Prevent an alternative lighting system before the possible.


We don’t know what to tell you more, just take care of yourself. Stay at home a few days and soon we will be going to our beloved beaches of Huelva 🙂 

I love Huelva by Eva Dajcman

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